The procedure for reviewing manuscripts of articles received by the editorial office of the journal "Ideas and Ideals"


General Provisions

Manuscripts of all articles submitted to the editorial office of the journal "Ideas and Ideals" are subject to mandatory review. Reviews are carried out by scientists who have a recognized authority and work in the relevant field of knowledge to the content of the manuscript. Reviews are discussed by the editorial board and serve as the basis for accepting or rejecting manuscripts.

The final decision on the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript is made by the Editor-in-chief.


Terms of review

The manuscript received by the editorial office of the journal is sent for review within a month from the date when it is recieved. The reviewer submits a review to the editor within a month of receiving the manuscript. The editorial board makes a decision on the publication or rejection of the manuscript within a month of the date of receiving the reviews. If necessary, re-reviewing is carried out at the same time.


Review requirements

The reviewer evaluates the article by filling in the fields of the standard "Form for article evaluation". The reviewer can additionally express their own wishes and special opinions about the structure, content, form of presentation, design of the manuscript, etc., by entering the text in the appropriate text field of the Form and / or by attaching a .doc, .docx file.

The reviewer gives an opinion on the expediency or inexpediency of publishing the reviewed manuscript, or on the need for its revision.

The names of the reviewers are not disclosed to the authors of the article or to other persons who are not members of the editorial board of the journal. The content of the review without specifying the name of the reviewer can be provided to the author (all co-authors) of the article, as well as to other reviewers of this article.