Development of a technique for statistical estimation of the level of sustainable development of socio-economic systems
M.S. Khvan,  Lyudmila Serga,  S.A. Filatov,  Vladimir Glinsky

The authors offer their approach to measuring sustainable development of the socio-economic system. A study of existing algorithms of estimation of the level of stability helped to identify their
main disadvantages: the problem of obtaining the information necessary for calculation of indicators; aggregate estimates, which have different size; choice of the size of the indicators. To evaluate
sustainable development needs a comprehensive analysis by the use of fi ve equilibrium blocks indicators (economic, social, environmental, institutional, research and innovation) by integrating the
average index of level of stability. The technique is approved in the regions of Russia, can be used as a tool for monitoring the sustainability of any socio-economic system.

Capital adequacy of the bank as a condition of its fi nancial stability
S.G. Zolotarenko,  V.G. Koreshkov,  L.YU. Rudi,  YU.G. Shvecov

The paper discusses the results of studies of the main parameters of the banking system of Russia; as information used indicators of commercial banks of Altai Territory, conclusions and recommendations.