The main purpose of the journal is the analytical study of culture in the broadest sense of the word. In the selection of materials, preference is given to works that introduce the latest scientific ideas into scientific and general cultural circulation, opening new approaches to the most important humanitarian problems of our time. Particular attention is paid to materials of interdisciplinary and general cultural significance.

Articles presenting the results of independent theoretical and empirical studies, thematic reviews, and cases are accepted for publication.


Target audience


The journal is intended for scientists, teachers and everyone interested in new approaches, directions and ideas in the social and humanitarian sphere.

Both authoritative experts and novice young researchers are invited to cooperate.




All submitted materials go through a procedure of internal and external review. Reviewers are appointed from members of the Editorial Board or external experts. All reviewers are recognized experts on the subject of the peer-reviewed materials and have publications on the subject of the peer-reviewed article.

Reviewers receive a list of criteria from the editorial board according to which the work is evaluated. Based on the results of the review, manuscripts can be accepted, sent to the authors for revision, or rejected. Editors reserve the right to reject the manuscript if the author violates the principles of publication ethics.

The final decision on the acceptance or rejection of an article is made by the editor-in-chief.

The editors do not enter into discussions with the authors of the rejected materials.


Free access to information


The online version of the journal is an open access publication. The license type is Creative Commons: cc by-nc-nd (Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives).

Full-text files of all issues of the journal in PDF format are in the public domain at http://ideaidealy.ru/archive.

Accepting the "Society without Barriers" social movement, the editorial board of the journal has decided to post audio files of articles of general significance on the website.


Permission to use content


When using any materials published in the journal "Ideas and Ideals", it is necessary to cite the journal and the authors of the articles.


Ethical standards


All participants in the publishing process are guided by the norms and international standards set by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).


Disclosure and conflict of interest


Authors must disclose any financial or substantive conflict of interest that could affect the results or interpretations in their article.

All sources of financial support for the project must be disclosed.


Funding of the journal

Funding for the publication of the journal is carried out at the expense of the founders. The publication is free for authors ("platinum" model).