Gerovich Slava

Slava Gerovich

Slava Gerovitch, PhDCambridge, USA

Member of the International Editorial Board of "Ideas and Ideals".
Lecturer in History of Mathematics
Director of Research and Reading Programs Department of Mathematics
for undergraduates and high school students:
Department of Mathematics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology,   77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139 USA


Research interests
- history of mathematics, cybernetics, and computing
- space history and policy
- history of Russian and Soviet science and technology
- history and memory; rhetoric and science



Work in progress
My current project explores how the Soviet mathematics community creatively adapted to various political, institutional, and cultural pressures. It examines the functioning of a “parallel social infrastructure,” which included informal study groups, correspondence and evening courses, specialized mathematical schools, alternative employment opportunities, and a network open research seminars, such the Gelfand seminar.

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