The main focus of the journal is about research in the areas of  PHILOSOPHY,   ECONOMICS   AND   CULTURAL  STUDIES.

High-quality manuscripts, demonstrating the results of theoretical and empirical research, thematic reviews, case studies, are accepted for publication. The paper must meet the following requirements: exigency, novelty, statement of the problem, results and conclusions.

In the selection of material for publications, preference is given to the works which put into scientific and cultural circulation the latest scientific ideas on the given themes (including the latest international sources), exploring new approaches to the most important humanitarian issues. Special attention is paid to the works of interdisciplinary and cultural character.

Target Audience

The journal is intended for scientists, lecturers, and practitioners along with students of the given specialties and for anyone interested in new approaches, trends and ideas in the social and humanitarian sphere. The journal invites authoritative scholars as well as young researchers (students, masters, postgraduates, and lecturers) to cooperate.


All the submitted materials are to be peer-reviewed.We are obtaining advice on individual manuscripts from reviewers expert in the field who are not part of the journal’s editorial staff. As the result, the manuscript may be accepted, retracted for further improvement or rejected. The Editorial Board has the right to reject the manuscript in case an author violates the principles of publication ethics. The Editorial Board doesn’t comment on the rejected manuscripts.


Permission for using the content

No portion of the contents, published in the journal “Ideas and Ideals”, may be reproduced in any form without appropriate citation.