Ideas and Ideals 2019 Volume 11 Issue 1 part


  • From the Editor     

  • Formation and Stages of the Development of European Sociality     
    Rozin Vadim
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.1.1-11-33
  • Social Construction of the Normality in Psychiatry and Science Fiction     
    Kosilova Elena
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.1.1-34-44
  • Farewell to Post-Modernism: Alterglobalism as a Socio-Humanitarian Strategy     
    Agapov Oleg
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.1.1-45-56
  • Russian Humanist Society: Its Place and Role in the Spiritual Life of Russia     
    Korostichenko Ekaterina, Sleptsova Valeriya
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.1.1-57-85
  • Philosophical Understanding of the Settlement Agreement as a Responsible Action via Moral Philosophy of M.M. Bakhtin     
    Yungus Galina
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.1.1-86-102
  • Plato’s Political Anthropology     
    Ivonin Yury, Ivonina Olga
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.1.1-103-128
  • The Concept of the Cognitive Unconscious and Its Criticism by John R. Searle     
    Katunin Alexsander
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.1.1-129-144
  • Dialogue “Octavius” in the Context of Religious and Philosophical Polemics between Christianity and Paganism     
    Schneider Lidiya
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.1.1-145-161
  • The Potential of the SWOT Analysis in the Formation of Knowledge Strategy Models     
    Brylina Irina
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.1.1-162-174
  • Classification as the Basis of Accounting Method     
    Kovalev Alexey
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.1.1-175-196
  • Fuzzy Logic in Economics – the Formation of a New Direction     
    Lebedeva Margarita
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.1.1-197-212
  • Human Resources in the Conditions of Digitalization (Materials of the XI Siberian Personnel Forum)     
    Masalova Yuliya, Konstantinova Dina
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.1.1-213-224