Ideas and Ideals 2019 Volume 11 Issue 2 part



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  • Music, Mystique and Shakespeare’s Sonnets     
    Bigelow John
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.2.1-11-30
  • Let’s Check Harmony with Algebra Again, Shall We? About J. Bigelow’s Article “Music, Mystique and Shakespeare’s Sonnets”     
    Kurlenya Konstantin
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.2.1-31-43
  • Transformations of Science in the Modern Conditions: Analysis of the Research Approaches     
    Ablazhey Anatoly
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.2.1-44-62
  • Transduction as a Mode of Interdisciplinary Convergence     
    Svirskiy Yakov
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.2.1-63-78
  • Formation of World-Class Universities: Experience of the Republic of Korea     
    Zakharova Elena
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.2.1-79-94
  • On Constructive Criticism of the Ideology of the Competence Model of Education and the Program of Its Reforming     
    Shachin Svyatoslav
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.2.1-95-110
  • “Paths to Liberation” Philosophy: Shunyavada and Taoism     
    Rodicheva Irina
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.2.1-111-132
  • The World Died Again. Long Live the World!     
    Shevtsov Aleksander
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.2.1-133-154
  • Foundations of Modern Passibilism and the Problem of Its Compatibility with the Antique Philosophical Theology     
    Streltsov Alexey
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.2.1-155-170
  • Neuropsychological Methods in the Penitentiary System in Terms of Neuroethics     
    Timoshenko Galina, Sidorova Tatyana
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.2.1-171-189
  • Moral Economy: Identification and Comparison of the Theoretical Approaches     
    Zhernov Evgeny
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.2.1-190-208
  • Karaites of Crimea. Travel notes on Self-identity     
    Plyusnin Juri
    DOI: 10.17212/2075-0862-2019-11.2.1-209-232