Topic: Social philosophy

  • Farewell to Post-Modernism: Alterglobalism as a Socio-Humanitarian Strategy /
    Agapov Oleg

  • Social Construction of the Normality in Psychiatry and Science Fiction /
    Kosilova Elena

  • Formation and Stages of the Development of European Sociality /
    Rozin Vadim

  • Philosophical Understanding of the Settlement Agreement as a Responsible Action via Moral Philosophy of M.M. Bakhtin /
    Yungus Galina

  • Russian Humanist Society: Its Place and Role in the Spiritual Life of Russia /
    Korostichenko Ekaterina, Sleptsova Valeriya

  • The Controversy Surrounding the Kyoto Protocol: Rational Activities of Homo Socialis /
    Vasileva G.M.

  • Socio-Cultural Transformation of Religious Values in the Soviet Union in the First Half of the XX Century /
    Lopatina N.L.

  • Russia as a Social State: Myth or Reality /
    Bystrenko V.I.

  • Legal Spaces and their Missing Digital Boundaries /
    Sassin W.

  • "That's my job – to make people start asking questions and unsettle the current state of things". Interview with professional rebel Saul Alinsky. Part 1. /

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